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"...because in the end, the only person in this world you can depend on is YOURSELF." - Wilhelmina Slater 'Ugly Betty'

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Power of Make-up (Part II)

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Other proofs of the true power of the magical invention for women all over the world......

Any other thing that can make a woman more physically attractive?

The Power of Make-up (Part I)

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If you think your appearance is not really attractive or pretty like those famous celebrities, look at these pictures.....look what actually makes them look absolutely gorgeous.

 Gwyneth Paltrow

 Kristen Stewart

Katie Holmes

 Jennifer Lopez

 Ashley Tisdale

 Vanessa Hudgens

 Cameron Diaz

 Angelina Jolie

 Avril Lavigne


 Britney Spears

 Cristina Aguilera

 Eva Longoria

 Hilary Duff

 Jessica Simpson

 Jennifer Aniston

 Jessica Alba

 Katy Perry

 Keira Knightley

 Kim Kardashian

 Lady Gaga

 Megan Fox

 Miley Cyrus

 Mischa Barton

 Nicole Richie

 Nicole Scherzinger

 Pamela Anderson

 Paris Hilton

 Lindsay Lohan


 Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

 Selena Gomez

 Taylor Swift

 Victoria Beckham

Surprised? I was. You see, they're just humans like us and I see no much difference between those celebs' faces and 'ordinary' girls' faces when there's no MAKE-UP and PHOTO EDITING. They really should be thankful to their make-up kits and all technology that has made us believe they were THAT stunning. My conclusion is: We're not as ugly as we think :D

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